Turin, Friday November 6 2015 from 4pm – 7pm in the context of Artissima art fair, a lady visitor attends the show dressed with a big banana in her trousers. She walks, talks and interacts with visitors, artists, galleries and professionals throughout the event as if it was normal (hers). During the public performance her actions and people’s reactions are documented in photographs.

The project by the French artist Sabine Delafon, ‘Happy To See You!’ is the latest addition to her ongoing body of work on human identity.

… to summarize: Let’s play with it & Let’s have fun!
Performed by Marcia Caines and photographed by Nicolò Taglia.

What People Said:
«You are great! »
« My wife has balls »
« You have a dick and heels »
« Now you know what it means to have a small dick! »
« You are happy to see me! »
« There you go! »
« It's right! »
« Powerful! »

Special thanks to Elisa Penagini, Gregory Lang, Frederic de Goldschmidt, Marta Pierobon, Gianandrea Poletta, Guido Costa, Massimo Mattioli, Federica Tattoli, Giovanni Bordini, Veronique Torgue, Maixut Alvarez, Carlos Rosales, Matteo Bertini, Iva Kissiova & Cecilia Dossan.