Dead from hunger, 2004

Dead from hunger

My work is to have asked that my exhibition space for the collective exhibition of food design be absolutely empty, with no lighting. On the post indicating names and titles, my name was printed on one side, and the text “Dead from hunger” on the other side.
Il pranzo di Babette, organized by Olga Gambari, Cortilio del Maglio, Turin, 2004

Braille, 2004

In 2002, work on the theme of a record cover.
I then consider the fact that the people who are most sensitive to music are most certainly the blind.

So I start my first work in Braille alphabet.
Braille writing is paradoxically very esthetical.

In 2003, I write a sentence in Braille, without any translation.
This is a work to be touched and felt.

In 2004 I write a sentence in Braille over 3 meters long, for which each dot measures 6 cm in diameter.
To be read with the palm of the hand.
2004, Il Corridoio dell’Arte, organized by O.Gambari, Uffici della Provincia di Torino - 18 x 24, organized by Federica Rosso, 41 arte contemporanea, Torino - 2001, Q13-Garage, organized by Alberto Zanchetta & Paola Capata, Center Candiani, Mestre.

Vertige, 2013

2013, Words through time, time through words, curated by Federica Tattoli, Artopia, Milan