Search my double, I’m looking for myself,  2005

Sabine Delafon is looking for herself. In a new, propositive way… « I’m looking for myself: If you know someone who looks like me, contact me ». Find her double: sounds like a childish dream. A dream that became an ironic provocation, shaking the anesthetic Relationships between people. Sabine is talking in a melancholic way about time and identity. She invites us to look at ourselves, to people’s affinities and differences. She is looking for another « herself », starting from nowhere instead of inside. People are looking for their own identity. Not just as persons, but also as a collectivity. Her work in progress explores art’s territories and (no)limits. Art becomes game, single becomes double, subject becomes object, viewer becomes assistant. Speak with you and touch your mind to recognize a part of yourself.

Is it not the aim of Art?

So, look at her face: have you seen someone who looks like her? Then don’t stay put. Contact her!

G.M 10 09

Sabine Delafon explores the issue of identity and the photobooth holds an important place in her work. The French artist has been investing photobooths since 1987 and thus gathered a collection of more than 1300 self-portraits. Presented in the form of photomontage or videos, they are a source of inspiration for several of her projects. In I’m Looking for Myself (Cherche sosie, 2005), she uses a selection of her dentity photographs in search of her double. Sabine Delafon posted small posters reproducing portraits of herself at different ages on the walls of cities such as Milan, Rome, Paris, and also posted them on the web. The performance takes the shape of a genuine quest for identity through others and demonstrates her need to identify herself to others in order to be able to exist.

Anne Lacoste (Derrière le Rideau - L’esthétique Photomaton) 02|12

Search my Double, Una Vetrina curated by Giuseppe Garrera, Rome (IT) 2018
Looking for her body double, or rather, searching for herself. Using all of her passport photos, she stuck 3000 flyers on the walls in New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, Arles and Avignon. She sent an equal number of e-mails in order to broaden her research.

- 100 multiples, 15 x 20 cm print paper numbered and signed.

2018: Centro Internazionale della Fotografia, curated by Letizia Battaglia, Palermo - Una Vetrina, curated by Giuseppe Garrera, Roma - Biblioteca Italiana delle donne, Bologna - 2012, Derrière le rideau, Musée de l’Elysée, curated by Clément Cheroux and Sam Stourdzé, Lausanne - 2011: Sabine Delafon, R o o m Gallery, Milan - 2007, Clearly Invisible - An (invisible), curated by Filipa Ramos, Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Barcelona - 8 May, curated by Franz Paludetto, Art Contemporary Museum, Calice Ligure - Search my double, curated by John Scott, Up front art, New York. 2005, Passion, curated by Gabriella Serusi and Guido Curto, Biennal of Young Mediterranean Artists, Naples - I’m looking for myself, Milan, New York, Rome, Paris, Avignon, Arles, web.